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Top Five Meet-Up Spots For Child Custody Swaps In NYC

Top Five Meet-Up Spots for Child Custody Swaps in NYC

Agreeing to and maintaining a custody schedule is challenging for many divorced couples. You want to remain civil, but disagreements and emotions might complicate the situation. Whether you create a schedule yourselves or the court orders parenting time, following a timetable that works for everyone is crucial.

A difficult aspect of child custody is deciding where to pick up and drop off your child. Former spouses often argue about the most convenient locations. One parent might not want the exchanges to occur at their home. Sometimes, the parents live far from each other and need to agree to a place halfway so neither one has to travel farther than the other.

Possible Locations to Pass Your Child to or Pick Them Up from the Other Parent

Divorced couples might decide swapping their kids for parenting time should occur in a public location. You must agree to a place you’ll meet and ensure that it works consistently. The exchange should occur halfway between the parent’s homes or work locations, depending on your schedules. That eliminates transportation burdens for one parent over the other.

Common meet-up spots for child custody swaps include:

  • Church or temple – Places of worship work well for custody exchanges because people tend to be on their best behavior. If a church is a convenient solution for you and your ex, it might be the ideal place to meet. You can avoid long interactions and keep the encounter civil.
  • Third-party location – You can involve a third party if you and your ex can’t seem to get along. Meeting at a family member’s or friend’s house can alleviate some tension and prevent disputes from getting out of hand.
  • Daycare or school – Swapping your kids at their daycare or school works for many divorced couples. It might make sense for you or your ex to drop off your children at school in the morning and the other to pick them up in the afternoon. You won’t have to worry about interacting with your ex.
  • Restaurant – Meeting at your child’s favorite restaurant is a great way of keeping the exchange positive. Your child might not like the swaps but will look forward to eating their favorite meal.
  • Home – Picking up and dropping off your kids at each other’s homes might make sense, especially if you and your ex get along. If you have had an amicable divorce and feel comfortable entering each other’s homes, this location could be a good solution.

Benefits of Child Custody Swaps in Public Places

Public locations seem like popular options for dropping off and picking up children while sharing custody with an ex. Swapping the child in public offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Creates boundaries – Since you’re not meeting at someone’s home, you keep each other at a distance. Your personal lives remain personal.
  • Fosters civil interactions – Meet-ups in public places might limit contentious interactions. There are too many people around to witness the exchange. It might encourage you and your ex to be on your best behavior and not cause a scene.
  • Allows consistency – Choosing one place for custody swaps simplifies everything. Instead of discussing where to exchange your kids each time, you have a consistent location that needs no argument.

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